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EverRatchet Ratcheting Keychain Multitool


Stainless Steel - Original

Stainless Steel - Stars

Stainless Steel - Turbulence

Stainless Steel - Hive

Titanium - Original

Titanium - Stars

Titanium - Turbulence

Titanium - Hive

EverRatchet's dynamic ratcheting beam holds the bit in place while turning but flexes to allow the tool to rotate back to its starting position. To tighten a screw, put the bit into the ratchet and turn it back and forth like a normal ratchet. To loosen a screw, just flip the tool over and rotate in the other direction. This amazing ratchet makes this a one size fits all tool for any project and is a much-needed feature when you are working with limited visibility or space.

EverRatchet was proudly brought to life by 6273x backers worldwide on Indiegogo, now this amazing product is available to everyone thanks to their initial investment in the idea!


1x EverRatchet Tool
1x #2 Phillips Bit
1x Flint2Go Fire Flint

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